For those of you who know what this is, let’s get right in with link to buy, the renders and prototype photos!


PLEASE NOTE: Purple kit will have a purple knob, prototypes were only made in cases to demonstrate colours 

What is the KiwiKeebs Macro V2?

This new macro v2 is a 6 key macro with integrated rotary encoder (and button press). This is the new and improved version which comes pre-flashed with Vial for super easy configuration of the buttons and encoder functions. It also sports Hotswap and USB-C!

The board’s case and knob are made from solid CNC aluminium and are manufactured and anodised right here in the UK. We now also offer a new purple colour along with a special EVA-01 green add-on knob!

The colour we are going for is below but as with anything handmade please allow for some degree of variance!

What’s new compared with the V1?

To put it bluntly…
•   Easier to assemble
•   Hotswap
•   USB-C
•   Integrated electronics
•   New colour options

And to expand on that…

Easy to build
The V1 needed users to solder on a full pro micro to the PCB (which was very fiddly for beginners) along with all the diodes, rotary encoder and switches.

This time around all the user needs to do is solder on the 6 hotswap sockets and rotary encoder to have a fully functioning macropad! We are also offering a build service for a small charge for those who don’t feel comfortable.

The new case design is also super clean as there are no messing around with stand-offs and screws. The case has 4 threaded mounting points for the PCB and these are hidden under the plate which gives a much cleaner look with no visible screws from the outside!


Hotswap is obviously a huge advantage, we love testing new switches in the V2 and its so much more beginner friendly to be able to just change things up super quickly.

Case Aesthetic

We also redesigned the case to flip the whole arrangement, so we have the knob and cable on the left to better match cable placement on other keyboards and keep some continuity on the desktop. Also the new USB-C cut-out just gives it a sexier butt.

Vial, QMK & Via

We also recoded the macro to work with Vial which means you can edit the rotary encoder and key functions straight out of the box. We also still support Via and QMK but these make it difficult to change that encoder function.

*Vial Example

Colour Options

This time around we really wanted to offer a purple variant and we loved the result that came from the anodisers! We liked it so much we also wanted to offer an add-on of an EVA-01 green knob that will be custom sprayed and think it will look awesome with the purple.

PLEASE NOTE: Purple kit will have purple knob, image is of a case prototype

What do I get in the kit?

1 x Macro V2 Casing
1 x Macro V2 Knob (with grub screw)
1 x Integrated PCB
1 x FR4 Plate
4 x Screws
1 x Rotary Encoder
6 x Kailh Hotswap Sockets
1 x KiwiKeebs Stickers

**You will also get any extra case sets and add-on knobs that you order**

£75 per kit
£40 per case and knob bundle add-on
£25 per EVA-01 limited edition knob

Last time around things were much simpler from this end so I am super happy to be able to sell this slightly cheaper than the V1 which is a mainly down to working with manufacturers and suppliers!



So this time we are going for an open GB for 4 weeks. Now we do have a minimum order quantity in mind, and depending on how many orders we get we definitely have a maximum that we are toying with.

This is so we don’t get too many orders and take forever to post them, we want this to go as smooth as possible. Going off the first 2 runs of the V1 AND the 3D printed run we can’t see any reason why it would not go as smoothly as those did!

I am using a manufacturer in the UK for my CNC and adonisation which is great for me as it means much faster turnaround on prototypes and final parts. I am really happy with the prototypes I received and can’t wait to fulfil this!

Any Questions?

Get in touch in the comments I am happy to answer any questions you may have and thank you all for your continued support you are amazing!