Artisan Display – MX & Topre (GB)


ETA: Q1 2023
~20 Units

NOTE: Dreadkeys badge is an add-on, kiwi badge is not being run

So after a very busy year for myself (becoming a father) this is finally ready to launch!

The group buy is for the KiwiKeebs Artisan Display in black, with optional Dreadkeys brass badge (You know by now I am a big Dread fan).

The display is 9 slots to display your most prized artisans and is compatible with MX and Topre keycaps. The base features a juicy kiwi too!

Photos are of the prototype unit which was made in China. The final item will be made here in the UK and use a black hard anodisation so surface finish may look different. Final unit will also have small rubber feet on the base (optional).

What you will receive as standard

  1. Artisan Display
  2. Rubber Feet x 4
  3. KiwiKeebs Sticker


Artisan Display
Material: Aluminium
Finish: Bead Blasted + Hard Anodisation (Black)

Dreadkeys Badge
Material: Brass
Finish: Unfinished

NOTE: The pictured kiwi badge will not be run due to lack of interest during IC. Estimated shipping month is like to be March 2023 but as always please allow for delays in manufacturing.

Thank you so much for your continued support I appreciate you all so much!

Out of stock

Let me know when back in stock!