Cherry MX Blue – A3 Print


I’ve been wanting to get back into the art for a while, and what better switch to come back to than the trusty MX Blue. The office disrupter, the streamers nightmare, MX blues have a special place in my heart (don’t tell box jades).

Shipping Dates
I am aiming to ship these by the end of Feb 2023


  • Print is A3 in size so 297 x 420 mm.
  • Each print is printed on 240gsm silk stock and will be sent in a cardboard poster tube.
  • Each print also comes with a signed and numbered KiwiKeebs auth card 🙂
  • Each print will have it’s limited number drawn on the front bottom left corner to denote which number you got! (Numbers are allocated randomly!)

PS: If you have any questions be sure to drop by the Cable Cult discord server and get in touch! Link here
NOTE: Colours may be changed slightly before print to allow for a more accurate representation, wording may also be changed if required.

In stock