NK Creams – Fine Art Series


PLEASE NOTE: These prints do not come with a frame (info on frame used below).

I am super excited to launch this new product with you guys!

A brand new switch design and exploded view, split over 3 fine art prints on high quality 300gsm textured stock. And first up is where it all began for me, the NK Creams.

I have prototype copies of the prints and they look awesome, the paper stock looks amazing.

These three prints fit the standard 3 slot IKEA Ribba frame which means the cost to hang them is super affordable! No weird sized or custom frames needed.

Framed images are renders but the ones with the prints laid out are of the actual prototype prints.

More Information:

  • Each print is 18cm x 13cm (to fit into the 17cm x 12cm gaps in the IKEA Ribba frame.
  • 300gsm Contour textured card stock.
  • Only 15 sets will be available.
  • Shipping is set for the end of July

Any questions please get in touch 🙂


PS. I know some will say “The stem should be in the middle!” – Technically you are correct, and you have the freedom to order them as you feel in your frame 😛 I just think its more aesthetically pleasing that way! #kiwisus